Detectamet’s Security Cage and Shadow Boards

Food Safety and Hygiene are Detectamets top priorities, but we don’t stop at just making detectable personal products. We want to make sure your company is equipped with the right tools to keep your own workspace clean as well. Keeping food from being contaminated is a priority, keeping your company clean is a plus for Detectamet. Read more about Detectamet’s Security Cage and Shadow Boards[…]

Our new home on the Industrial Estate

If you didn’t already know then, we’ve moved! And there’s a fantastic article i’m going to share with you, it’s also featured within our local newspaper! Check it out. Pocklington-based company Detectamet Limited has moved to a new location on the industrial estate following its expansion in the world of detectable plastic and food safety Read more about Our new home on the Industrial Estate[…]

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