New Detectamet Appointment to Spearhead International Sales

Detectamet Inc, the world’s leading supplier of detectable plastic tools and materials to the food industry announced today the appointment of its new International Sales Director.  James Farmer will be based at the company’s offices in Richmond VA. from where he will be responsible for expanding the company’s market penetration across North, Central and South America.

James is a graduate in Electronic Engineering and has significant experience in helping food production companies protect their food products from contamination by using X-ray and metal detection. He gained a clear understanding  of the food during  his time working with a major international manufacturer of equipment for food inspection and contamination prevention.

“As director of development for Camera based Inspection Equipment using X-ray, Visual, and  Non Visual  Light Spectrum’s. “ James explains “I built an extensive knowledge about the food safety needs of the food industry.”

James has been through HACCP safety auditor training giving him the ability to carry out food plant safety auditing which will enable him to offer Detectamet’s customers and potential customers a valuable insight into contamination prevention.

“James and I co-operated at a major US Food  exhibition last year “ said Sean Smith, Detectamet’s Chairman, “ where he made a positive use of his experience by helping potential users of our detectable plastic products understand the practical benefits”

James Farmer said “The new approach to protecting US food has presented food producers with some  big challenges and I appreciate how Detectamet makes a significant contribution to protecting the public by preventing physically  contaminated food reaching the public. Its detectable plastic products are visible to all detectors.”

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  • What a great Company to work for, I have been with the company for 4 months now. I made the right decision to making this apart of my life. There products and people take this to heart making sure to provide the up most quality in products, thus allowing for our food to be safe and that we are only eating what the product should be. With no extra’s included join us to when the battle of foreign contamination prevention.

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