Detectamet’s Security Cage and Shadow Boards

Food Safety and Hygiene are Detectamets top priorities, but we don’t stop at just making detectable personal products. We want to make sure your company is equipped with the right tools to keep your own workspace clean as well. Keeping food from being contaminated is a priority, keeping your company clean is a plus for Detectamet. We pride ourselves on having the most detectable products. We want to help you keep you advance your company by keeping it contamination free. Take A look At Our new ShadowBoards and Security Cages. These storages systems will help keep your business organized.

Benefits include:

  • Enhances any hygiene programme
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Reduces inter-departmental theft
  • All tool being kept off the floor
  • Area specific titles
  • Size tailored to fit

Why should you choose Detectamet to provide you with your shadow boards:

  • Our team collectively have over 25 years experience in the design and print of shadow boards
  • Our team of designers can create bespoke drawings of your tools as required
  • We can manufacture boards to any size with or without cropped corners
  • We can create shadow boards in a large range of colours to match the products the board holds
  • Each shadow board created get stored in our database for smooth and effient reordering
  • We do not have any adhesion issues, which can be an issue with certain machinery
  • All of our boards have heavy duty anti scuff laminate to extend life
  • All boards are quality controlled on site


Security the Paramount importance for sensitive equipment, particularly knives. We offer Stainless Steel cages with mesh doors utilizing combination padlocks for safe controls, which still provide adequate visibility.

Our Shadow Boards are widely used across most food factories for correctly storing a wide variety of equipment. A Shadowboard is a significant tool for operational efficiency and provides the opportunity to have equipment where it is needed with a rapid visual assessment.

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